May Diary!!!!

SORRY, for this late May Diary!! I was quite busy this summer as suddenly everything started changing (Like new school, friends and many more…) I have a bit of problem that I am prone to sudden change and I need time to settle down.

So without making it a bore let’s begin…..

May 8 (New School Day):-

My school started on 8th May and as u all know that first day of school is quite different from the rest of the year…. I was busy settling in and nothing was probably started….(if u want to know what subject I took in 11th grade then please write it in comment)

May 13 (My Birthday) :-

Not a much of fuzz, but it went wonderful, just turned 16. Got a wonderful gift, Cosmo my cute little chubby Hamster…. I just love spending time with him.. He is obediant, smart and cute…

May 19 (First Day of Vacation) :-

Starded to enjoy my 3 week vacation. I spend my whole day reading ‘Girl Online’ the 3rd time and watching ‘Riverdale’ season 2 and ate a lot of junk food…

May 31 (My Cousin’s Birthday) :-

She turned 14. Gave her a cute little suprise party. Enjoyed it with our grandparents.

This was pretty much my month of May… Thank u for reading!!!




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