Having an unexpected trip!!!!!

“Unplanned trips are better than planned ones”


This quote is experienced by me. After completion of my exams, my mother suddenly decided to go on a trip. We all were really surprised about her decision. We didn’t have time for shopping and had to do packing in a hurry. This was the starting of our unexpected trip to ‘MOUNT ABU’. I really enjoyed there. It is a very good place if one needs to get out of its routine life for a break and go close to the nature.

The trip started at morning 4:30 am. And we all were bored with old songs which were being played in the car…. Then it was 6:30 and we were quite hungry and it was not dark anymore. Then new songs were played and we enjoyed it a lot. When we reached there by 2:32 pm. We were very tired by the long drive I really thought it was the longest drive ever. So to get refreshed we slept for a while and after waking up we decided to tour the place a bit.

After waking up the first point was the ‘Sunset Point’. It was very beautiful. The most amazing view I have ever seen….


I would recommend you all to visit MOUNT Abu….

This was the first place we visited…. Second was a temple and Third was Nakki Jheel (Nakki Lake).

I could never forget this trip…… And the view from the mountain…..

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