May Diary!!!!

SORRY, for this late May Diary!! I was quite busy this summer as suddenly everything started changing (Like new school, friends and many more…) I have a bit of problem that I am prone to sudden change and I need time to settle down.… So without making it a bore let’s begin….. May 8 (New […]

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My Daily Routine!!!

Hey Guys!!! After thinking a lot I decided to write and share with u guys that what I do in a day….So lets get started…. Actually all my days are different now because its my vacation…. Well for now lets begin:- I read a Bible verse every morning and now I have started to adapt […]

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Diary of March…..

The Month of March has already ended but I thought that writing about how my March went would be a great come back on my blog as I have been away from my blog for about 1 year….. Why Did I Begin This Journey???… States the reason of me starting this blog….. Well the month of march […]

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I am Angel (obviously not my real name) I am here to express my feelings with u guys…..the Readers…I started this blog just because I got inspired by he book “Girl Online” and always wanted to write a blog….I am going to talk about some stuff faced by girl and I […]

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